Bharath Metal corporation is one of the leading manufacturing company in Chennai with the objective of providing industrial racks.

We are the manufacturers of super market racks which provides the complete storage solution for your shop. We can custom and designed the super market racks by measuring the shop and do for any height and any width.

FIFO racks are desgined in the basis of First In First Out products storage system. It is very useful for book stall, libraries, and other institutions. Because of our best quality products and prompt services, we have a long list of clients mostly from multinationals and other institutions.

Three-side closed, Partition plate Lable holder / Stopper patti are some of the features of our pigeonhole racks.Pigeon hole racks are used in bank lockers and other money storage system.Cable tray systems can be desgined for network and cable running needs. You can Choose different sizes and colors with an array of accessories to create a custom cable tray system.

We BHARATH METAL PRODUCTS also manufacture building construction items like centering sheets and spans. We can create aluminium structurals for pre engineered buildings. Slotted angle racks with two-tier floor we offer is sturdy in structure and ideal for handling heavy loads.

One of the best features of the product is its flexibility to be used even in congested area. Check out garment storage and clothing storage solutions including wardrobes, clothing storage boxes, garment storage bags, Space Bags, pant racks for your shopping mall at very low cost.

Cantilever racks are designed for the safe and organised storage of long and heavy loads - ideal for timber or metal storage. Our cantilever rack systems are an effective and efficient alternative to conventional lighter weight storage solutions.

Heavy duty pallet racking system can be raised up to Height: 3000mm / 6000mm / 12000mm or as per customers requirement, which makes the utmost utilization of resources. The heavy duty pallet racks are usually used in ware houses and for storage houses. We BHARATH METAL PRODUCTS always give out the best for our customers.

The heavy duty pallet racking system will be designed as per the customer requirement. We also suggest customers with our ideas for the optimum usage of floor space and the vertical space for better material handling.

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